Discover the Dish – La Scala’s famous Grilled Caesar Salad

August 15th, 2014

Ever wonder how Nino Germano – Chef Owner at La Scala invented this mouthwatering recipe?

By accident.


During a busy evening in the kitchen, a head of romaine lettuce fell on the grill while being passed. Nino, not wanting to waste it, set it aside and when the evening was over and it was time to have his dinner, he dressed the romaine as he would a regular Caesar salad. And so this recipe was born. And as most of you know, it has been a HUGE hit!


With the freshest ingredients and Caesar dressing made in house, what more could you want? 


We encourage you to try this delicious dish next time you’re in.


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…Having some fun in the kitchen with Nino, Pina and Kara


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Below are some of our awesome customers on foursquare and their reviews of our Grilled Caesar:


“The grilled Caesar salad is amazing … They grill the romaine lettuce and the dressing is delicious”

-ghettofashnista – March 31st, 2014


“Try the Grilled Caesar Salad. Great smoky flavor, light dressing”

-Rosalie  – May 19th, 2013


“Grilled Caesar Salad,  the BEST Caesar salad i ever had!!!!!”

-Odell – December 24, 2011 


“Go with the grilled Caesar Salad and a glass of the Zisola. Heaven!”

-Danielle – June 21, 2011