Meet the Chef’s – Mauro and Raymundo!

September 5th, 2014

In order for any kitchen to run smoothly, you need quality people behind the line. Chef Mauro and Chef Raymundo are just that! They keep the kitchen in order at all times. Nino’s right hand men – THE VERY BEST! And the food they make is even better.


Meet our Chef’s:

The guys who are working hard everyday along side Chef Nino Germano to ensure every dish is flawless.

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Before we open on the start of our very busy weekend ahead, we had some time to interview these two special members of the La Scala family.

Q: How long have the two of you had the pleasure of being part of the La Scala Family?

Mauro: 15 years.

Raymundo: 17 years.


Q: “Being dedicated to La Scala for that long, I’m sure you’ve had the chance to try every dish created in this kitchen. What is one of your all time favorites?”


Mauro: “One of my favorites is the Gamberi Luana”

Raymundo: “My favorite is the Vitello Saltimbocca”


Q: “Every week La Scala creates and features new and innovative dinner specials to offer. What is a dish that you have created recently?”

Maura and Raymundo: “Last week we created the Gamberi alla Asparagus. People really enjoyed that dish”.


If you are interested in this week’s special : they are making a Sicilian Traditional dish – Arangini, with the help of a very special woman, Mamma Pina.




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Our kitchen crew is the BEST!


We asked Chef/Owner Nino what he had to say about these two and all he had was praise for them.”These guys are the two brother’s I never had”.


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