Voga Vodka


VOGA Vodka is the result of two years research carried out by an internationally acclaimed Italian master distiller to create a vodka that embodies the height of Italian craftsmanship.

We started in the fields of Southern Italy and picked one of the most superb wheats used to create the pastas and breads that Italy is famous for. Next, we climbed high up in the Italian Alps to the springs of Monte Rosa which hold the lightest and softest water in all of Europe. Still not satisfied that we had fully captured the essence of Italy, we trekked into the vineyards of Piemonte to harvest Nebbiolo grapes, the same grapes used to make Barolo, the king of Italian wines, which we filter the vodka through. The result is an ultra-premium vodka with an unsurpassed smoothness and unique flavor profile.


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Voga Vodka