Willy the server – He’s one of a kind!

November 3rd, 2014


Everyone who has visited us at La Scala has surely met Willy. He truly gives you the experience of dining in Italy! Many people have declared willy as one of the best servers in Maryland.

Willy use

Q: Willy, how many years have you been part of the La Scala family

A: 18 years


Q: Where are you from and where else have you lived besides Baltimore?

A: I am from Naples, Italy and have lived all over the world: Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, & France


Q: We’ve heard you are multilingual, tell us about the many languages  you speak.

A: I speak 6 languages. Italian, French, Arabic, Greek, Spanish and English


Q: What is your favorite part of working at La Scala?

A: The whole experience.


Q: What is your favorite dish that Chef Nino prepares?

A: Lobster and Crab alla Regina


Q: You are one of our most seasoned employees, and extremely popular with the guests. “Everyone wants to dine with Willy”. Tell us – what is your secret.

A: I like being sociable. I love the people and want the customers to have the very best experience. I like to joke and tell stories with the guests.