Mercato Callipiso Tuna

Callipo Tuna is one of the best Italian solid tuna (Tonno Callipo). The secret of Callipo tuna is in the processing. Tuna is freshly frozen on the fishing boats and then brought to Callipo to be gently steamed and then hand-stuffed into jars. The variety most used for canning is the yellow-fin tuna, so-called because of the characteristic yellow color on the tip of the fins.

The high quality is guaranteed by the strict controls carried out during the treatment and by the excellent olive oil used for its preservation. When kept in the pantry which is an easy-open practical packaging, it is combined as an aperitif or as an aperitif with other products of the Calabrian tradition.


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Mercato Callipiso Tuna

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2 5.6 ounce cans in olive oil 320g


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